by Samantha Reeve, Policy Officer, Voice4Change England

Almost a year has passed since the Olympic games. Nearly a whole year since Jess Ennis, Mo Farrah,  and Laura Trott won Gold Medals. But perhaps most importantly, this.


Not just a woman armed with a loudhailer - there is no denying that the 70,000 volunteers turning out to make the games happen, many of whom from BME backgrounds were the ‘Games Makers’ at the heart of the Olympic’s success.
                                                                                                                                                                                         By Saqib Deshmukh, V4CE Development Officer
                                                                                                                                                                                       Whilst we applaud the long over due recognition of the position of Carers and new entitlements, we are concerned about key parts of the Queens Speech and the raft of new legislation that is being outlined.

Every month we feature one of our members and ask them what their organisation is about and what they’ve been up to. This month we caught up with  My Community UK and spoke to them about their work.


Tell us briefly, what does your organisation do?

We work with and for the vulnerable in society to improve the quality of life, services and future of all communities regardless of culture, ethnicity or faith. We have six strands of our work. The Elderly, Women, Youth, and Children, Poverty and Homelessness, Prisoners and Ex-Offenders and the Environment. Our head office is based in Manchester but we work across the UK.


by Samantha Reeve, Policy Officer, Voice4Change England


Recently, our development officer Saqib has been out and about across the country to deliver training workshops on fundraising. The training workshops themselves were a great success, but what has really put a spring in his step is getting and meeting organisations. He has returned to the Voice4Change office full of enthusiasm for the organisations he has worked with and with ideas about how to better support them. By meeting face-to-face with groups he has learnt first-hand how tough financial times and spending cuts are affecting the BME sector.

by Samantha Reeve, Policy Officer, Voice4Change England



At a time when charities face increasing financial pressure and there are more and more unemployed graduates, surely internships benefit both charity and intern, right? On the face of it, it seems like a win-win; charities get highly skilled workers that can offer fresh perspectives and new insights whilst interns can develop new skills, try out the charity sector for size and build their CV.