Abolishing the Equality Act 2010

The Coalition Government has constantly talked about ‘Fairness for All’ through its tenure to date. How can there be  fairness without equality?

Evidence strongly shows that inequality persists amongst disadvantaged groups who face an ethnic penalty in all facets of their daily lives. To suggest that the Equality Act is synonymous with bureaucracy is ludicrous. It is in place to ensure people are treated equally; within the workplace, at school, in the access of services, taking part in civil society and democratic processes.

Voice4Change England endorse  comments made by other respondents that THE EQUALITY ACT IS NOT REGULATION - IT IS PRIMARY LEGISLATION, that has already been consulted on, debated and passed through Parliament and on to the statue books. By down grading the Act to a regulation and  equating it to ‘ red tape’ the Government is in real danger of  jeopardising the integrity of our law making processes  and pushing back 40 years worth of equalities legislation that many people have fought for to ensure social justice for all.

We are  alarmed  at the way in which the Government is seeking  public opinion on existing legislation that by-passes the legislative process.

The government needs to rethink its position on the equalities agenda and look at the bigger picture if it wants to succeed in achieving a fairer society for all. It must also safeguard  the integrity of parliamentary processes and not make and unmake policy on the hoof!! - Ravi Chauhan, BME Compact Officer, Voice4Change England

We strongly urge you as individuals to respond to the equalities section of the Red Tape Challenge. You can do this by visiting www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/equalities/.