Announcing a new report – Working Across the Lines: Connecting struggles of racialised and minoritised populations

Working Across the Lines: Connecting struggles of racialised and minoritised populations

The report makes recommendations on how to connect efforts for justice – particularly those advancing race equality, migrants’ rights and refugee causes and resisting anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racism – to better enable groups to stand up for one another and to create a climate for equity and belonging for all.

Specifically recommended is investment in a UK-wide community of advocates, activists, researchers, facilitators, organisers and policy specialists, supported to develop narratives and analyses about shared experiences of racialised and minoritised populations. This can be enabled by ‘political education’, to develop the skills to analyse patterns of privilege and prejudice as a basis for linking struggles.

The cadre can also be primed for practical action, e.g. by developing dialogue and conflict management skills to find common cause; and by being supported to mobilise around specific issues that disproportionately affect racialised and minoritised groups, such as low pay and (a lack of) ‘diversity’ in many parts of society and the economy.

This project has been over a year in the making funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. It is a joint effort between Voice4Change England and Migrants’ Rights Network. It is particularly timely given the fallout of the Windrush scandal and what it means for how we work better together for justice.

It is hoped that the ideas in this report will be discussed and improved by those working in and for justice in race equality, migrants’ rights, and refugee and minoritised faith causes, as well as by funders committed to advancing these agendas.

Sanjiv Lingayah


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