Flipping the script – the need to rethink race equality in the 21st Century

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June 2014

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Flipping the script
The need to rethink race equality in the 21st Century 
Voice4Change England (V4CE) are holding a conference to look at rethinking race equality next week and the implications for Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary Sector. We've got seminars on education, policing, social enterprise and the media and panel discussions on rethinking race equality in the 21st century (where we will be presenting a V4CE paper) and on partnerships and collaborations.
This event taking place on the 26th of June at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham is open to community groups and individuals.
Highlight of the day is the launch of a new think piece by Doctor Sanjiv Lingayah on how we need to reformulate new ideas about how we see race and challenge some of the current orthodoxies. This event is also looking at the challenges facing BME communities and the positive changes we can make on the ground. Voice4Change England, together with our partners, and are looking at changing the narrative around race and flipping the script. Looking at new ideas and possibilities.
Voice4Change’s ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVESconference on the 26th June at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London will begin to address some of these issues and others. We have speakers such as broadcaster Eva Simpson and Guardian’s Joseph Harker, Amrit Wilson, Charles Ejogo, Estelle Du Boulay with Iqbal Wahab from the Cinnamon Club and Nelufar Hedayat amongst others.
KUNLE OLULODE, director of Voice4Change England (V4CE), said:
“There’s a lot of polarisation involved in the debate around race and immigration, some of which has been fed by media coverage. As a result we have a chasm between many ordinary citizens who do not consider themselves to be racially prejudiced, and campaigners for race equality.But the truth is we can find common ground and build on that. We have to move forward quickly because the scourge of unequal racial outcomes is limits human potential  and life chances.”
The ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES conference is about examining what that change may look like and how we can bring that change about.
For more details about V4CE’s Alternative Perspective please click here
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Voice4Change England
Voice4Change England (V4CE) is a national advocate for the Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector (BME VCS).  BME voluntary and community organisations (BME VCOs) are a crucial part of civil society that have emerged from and work for BME communities.  By supporting the BME VCS we aim to improve the life outcomes for BME and other disadvantaged communities. 
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