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Saturday 24th September

BFI South Bank 12.00pm-6.00pm

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‘Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people’ – Abraham Lincoln

‘Democracy is when the people keep a government in check’ – Aung San Suu Kyi

‘Without democracy there cannot be peace’ – Nelson Mandela

‘Democracy is like American Idol. Everybody’s got a voice, but we don’t necessarily want to hear it’ – lolsotrue.com


Will technology make us more democratic? Is the democratic system in need of repair? In the post Brexit period there has never been a better time to get together to consider the changing political situation, particularly in respect of the role that young people will play. This Flip the Script event, produced byVoice4Change and partners is the first to focus on youth and democracy. The aim is to bring young people from across the UK and the world to talk about politics, censorship, race, policing and digital democracy through a series of workshops, videos and debates, to talk about how we engage in wider society to change it for the better.

In addition, we will be supporting the screening of the film Olympic Pride American Prejudice, 2.00pm BFI South Bank, introduced by American Producer/Director Tim Reid. The film follows the lives of the 16 black men and women before, during and after their heroic turn at the 1936 Olympic, as they were torn between boycotting Hitler’s Olympics or participating in the Third Reich’s grandest affair (Free Entrance for 100 ticket holders).

Kunle Olulode, Director of Voice 4 Change, said: “The marginalisation of young adults from the political process has been one of most glaring problems of civil society and the way it operates in the UK. However, with politics becoming interesting I don’t think there has been a better time to look at the social and political engagement of young people here. I really pleased to have a wide range of groups participating in the Flip the Script event such as Elevation, Bite the Ballot, Index and African Odyssey. Issues such as policing and the impact of digital technologies, democracy at home and racism at home and abroad are the issues of the moment. We want to give young people the space to have an honest exchange and to consider how we go about gaining their greater involvement in our society.”


Speakers in the Flip the Script programme include:

Joe Mitchell: a renowned writer and blogger on digital participation and democracy in the UK, and a strong advocate of the ‘Open’ movement for change.

Mark Blake: from BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise Group) which works with BAME communities to build the capacity of local groups and contribute to their economic regeneration. 

George Amponsah and Dionne Walker: the Filmmaker and Producer of The Hard Stop, the award-winning documentary about the 2011 London riots.

Ken Fero: a pioneering filmmaker and director of Injustice (2002) a seminal film about police brutality.

Bisi Alimi: a vlogger and award winning gay, HIV and LGBTI activist from Nigeria, representing Black Lives Matter.

Tim Reid: an American actor, comedian and film director best known for his roles in prime time US television programmes such as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82), Marcel “Downtown” Brown on Simon & Simon (1983-87), Ray Campbell on Sister, Sister (1994-99) and William Barnett on That ‘70s Show (2004-06).

Elevation Network: an award-winning youth employment charity that works with talented, and traditionally underrepresented young people aged 11-25 to help develop their leadership potential.  

Pauline Pearce: The ‘Hackney Heroine’ Pauline Pearce became something of a household name in the UK when her justified outburst at the looting in Hackney during the 2011 London riots went viral.

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