How can V4CE help me?

Here at Voice4Change England (V4CE) we see much value in the Compact and we want BME VCOs to be able to use it effectively. This is why as part of the Strengthening Voices of the BME Third Sector project we have appointed a BME Compact Officer. Our dedicated BME Compact Officer will be responsible for raising awareness and increasing use of the Compact in the BME VCS.

We can help you in a number of ways:

Invite us to come and speak at your events. We would be glad to come and speak about Compact related issues be it how you can use the Compact to become active in the Government’s Big Society agenda, how the Compact links with the localism agenda or simply how you can use the Compact to strengthen your relationships with public bodies.

Training workshops
V4CE in partnership with the Empowering the Voluntary Sector Project  will host a number of Compact and Public Law training workshops. To find out more about the workshops and when they are being held visit The Compact and Public Law Training Events page.


V4CE will work with Compact Voice to identify where the Compact is failing in local areas and to initiate negotiations to make improvements. We will also continue to work with Compact Advocacy Programme to identify breaches of the Compact and to challenge decisions made by public bodies.

Policy voice
V4CE will ensure that BME VCS issues and needs are heard and met by key stakeholders to shape policy decisions concerning the Compact.

Good practice
V4CE will promote good practice and provide examples of good practice of Compact ways of working.

Regular updates on Compact news
V4CE will keep you updated on national, regional and local Compact news.

Links to resources
V4CE will produce BME specific resources and also provide links to useful Compact resources and toolkits.