Inquiry finds gaps in the Government’s use of the Compact

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23rd January 2012

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Inquiry finds gaps in the Government’s use of the Compact

The National Audit Office’s (NAO) review of the national Compact has found gaps in the way it is implemented by government departments. The NAO’s findings, published this month, made a number of recommendations for how government departments can improve working practices with the voluntary and community sector (VCS).

The need for clearer leadership around Compact activities was highlighted by Voice4Change England and others, in its response to the review.

Voice4Change England (V4CE), national advocates for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) VCS made a number of recommendations put forward in the report. These include:

  • Making leadership of the Compact more visible within departments;
  • Departments to provide an evidence base for Compact implementation;
  • Ensuring implementation is monitored and reported against;
  • Carrying out 12 week consultations or providing a clear rationale when less then 12 weeks;
  • Providing a clear rationale for funding decisions.

Vandna Gohil, Director of V4CE said;
“Implementation of the Compact is crucial as cuts to funding bite and the changing policy landscape redefines the relationship between government and the voluntary and community sector.

We welcome the recommendations made in the NAO report. The report identifies a number of gaps in the implementation of the Compact by government and we want to ensure that this does not have an adverse impact on local voluntary and community organisations.

We have strongly advocated for the development of a specific BME implementation guide on behalf of our members. Responsibility for the development of the guide has moved over to Compact Voice. We are actively working with Compact Voice to develop a strong and enforceable BME implementation guide. When the BME voluntary and community sector continue to face specific challenges and barriers in their relationships with government, this guide is essential. 

We will work alongside Compact Voice to make sure the recommendations made by this report are taken forward by government to improve equality, transparency and fairness in their relationships with the voluntary and community sector”.

Read the full NAO report
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