Institute of Fundraising Diversity Access Fund – bursaries available to attend their Fundraising Convention in London 1-3rd July 2019

During the next month will be working with the Institute of Fundraising to promote their Diversity Access Fund for this year's Fundraising Convention taking place on 1-3rd July in London.

It is slowly being recognised by Institute of Fundraising and programmes and movements such as the Change Collective and 2027 that the world of fundraisers & fundraising needs to change. There needs to be more representation but also crucially an understanding of how small BAMER led and other 'minority' organisations operate and how power and class dynamics are at play. A small number of funders are supporting these initiatives and there seems to an understanding of the need for 'lived experience' and that there has to be more diversity in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation and belatedly class.

The Iof have recently produced a Manifesto of Change and want to look at how this change can be provoked and the profession itself becomes more reflective of wider communities. V4CE is hoping to work with the Institute and with funders to make this a reality. We also hope that they and bodies such as Iof will look at their programmes and processes and the barriers to participation and access that exist. From the contact with our members out there in the field we know that if the VCS sector is feeling the pinch that BAMER groups are feeling it worse. There has to be new ways of working that disrupt the old funder/fundee relationship and provide equitable outcomes for all.  

The bursaries being offered via the Institute of Fundraising Diversity Access Fund include travel, accommodation and attendance costs. Deadline for applications is 13th May 5pm more details here:

Saqib Deshmukh