Maya Angelou, poetess for the people

It is with much sadness that we learned that her renouned and celebrated earthly life has ended today (28th May) aged 86, yet as we reminence on her work and the impact it made on so many people, and across several generations, one cannot help but feel pride and joy.

As I Rise is perhaps as much of a lyrical sword and sheild for those facing personal and collective struggles as Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready; a fortification of hope for the future and pride in self that touches the parts of the soul that even a great orator as inspiring and uplifting as Dr Martin Luther King Jnr could not hope to reach, at least in the same way.

Maya will undoubtedly be celebrated as a great truly writer and  forever be loved and cherished by everyone who was inspired by her. She produced many famous works but the first of several autobiographical pieces, the novel and later film I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, will surely be remembered for the moving story which articulated so many issues.

She was a talent that seemingly knew no boundaries and politicians clambered to bask in her glory. She appeared to embody all that is good about the human spirit - compassion and a thirst for justice, courage in the face of fear, peace in the face of provocation. A rose that bloomed in the desert.

As she joins the ancestors Maya will continue to inspire future generations to gracefully strive to overcome and be proud of who they are, unique and beautiful people. Her books and other works will remain part of the community, as she was, history as she is, and ever-present as she will forever be.