Modelling Fair and Equitable Collaborations

This project was developed from the experience of Voice4Change England (V4CE) of the nature of collaborative working between BME and mainstream organisations. V4CE recognises the increasing need for mainstream and BME VCS to improve the quality of their services through joined-up approaches. The need to collaborate and work in partnership has become stronger in response to the recession and funding cuts facing the sector. V4CE believe that if collaboration is driven by external factors rather than as an organic process there is a risk that such partnerships may lead to the invisibility of the ‘BME perspective’.

A recent study  by the Big Lottery Fund found that both BME and mainstream VCOs recognise the value of working together to facilitate shared learning and improve access to support for all parts of the VCS and that this needs to be supported. When asked what support they felt they needed the response was: how to have better and more equal partnerships between service deliverers. The Modelling Fair and Equitable Collaborations Project builds on these recommendations to deliver a programme of research, engagement and support for the sector.

About the project

The Modelling Fair and Equitable Collaborations project is a 2 year project funded by The City Bridge Trust under their Bridging Communities theme to support and encourage BME and mainstream VCOs in London to build collaborations and partnerships on the principles of fairness and equality, resulting in cohesive and rationalised services to local communities. The project aims to encourage a shared understanding in the sector on how collaborations and partnerships should be developed, implemented and sustained.

The project will work particularly with organisations focused on;

  • Infrastructure support
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Children and Young People

Share your experience of partnership working with us 

Please share your experiences of partnership working with us by completing this short online survey which will take no more than 5 minutes.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project or finding out more about it please contact Saqib Deshmukh our Development Officer.