Public Sector Equality Duty Review


As an outcome of the governments 'red tape challenge' last year, a steering group was set up in November to lead a review of the public sector equality duty. Details of the steering group membership can be found here

As part of the review they  issued a call for evidence relating to the effectiveness of the PSED. Voice4Change submitted evidence on behalf of Race Equality UK. 

Why is this important?

The Equality Duty is not red tape, it is a crucial piece of legislation that ensures public services are fair and are fit for diverse communities.

Although the duty is for the public sector, it also applies to voluntary organisations which are carrying out public functions on behalf of a public authority. It also applies to the allocation (or withdrawal) of funding or grants to the voluntary sector.

Good equality practice makes good business sense for private and for voluntary organisations. It makes them better employers, it improves their ability to meet the needs of potential customers, and it can help them to be better placed to deliver public services[1].

In November 2012, Doreen Lawrence OBE and Dr Richard Stone OBE wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister, supported by members of Race Equality UK coalition about the review of the Public Sector Equality Duty.

What do we need to do?

The deadline for the submission of evidence has passed. However you can still sign ROTAs petition calling on the Government to keep the public sector equality duty! You can find out more about their campaign on their website.

You can download Voice4Change's submission of evidence on behalf of Race Equality UK and the covering letter.

Click here for submission by Age UK

Click here for submission by Citizens Advice

Click here for submission by the Discrimination Law Association. Accompanying material includes Exhibit AExhibit B,Exhibit CExhibit D and Exhibit E.

Click here for submission by Equality South West

Click here for submission by EDF

Click here for submission by the Fawcett Society

Click here for submission by JUSTICE

Click here for submission by the Police Federation

Click here for submission by SCVO

Click here for submission by the TUC

Click here for submission by Unison

Click here for joint response by a group of disability charities

Click here for submission by Dr Tessa Wright, Queen Mary, University of London

Click here for submission by Insted Consultancy

Click here for briefing by the Local Government Information Unit


The review is due to conclude in June, in the meantime you can sign ROTA's petition to save the PSED.

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[1]Equality and Human Rights Commission, The essential guide  to the public sector equality duty, January 2011