Race Equality Coalition raises concerns over Home Office consultation on Stop and Search

Members of the Race Equality Coalition (CORE) have submitted a report in response to the Home Office consultation on reforms to Stop and Search.

CORE, which is made up of national and regional leading race equality focused community sector organisations, scrutinised the reforms following concerns that the consultation would not reach those who are disproportionately affected by stop and search.
As part of this evidence they worked with local partners to produce 10 local research reports and submissions to the Home Office.
The work was co-ordinated by Black Training & Enterprise Group (BTEG), Coalition for Racial Justice UK, Equanomics UK and the Runnymede Trust, who are members of CORE. The evidence reached over 400 people, predominantly young people under the age of 25.
A press statement released from CORE stated: “Our work demonstrates that local community organisations are and were well placed to reach out to those disproportionately affected by stop and search and, as a result, we have presented valuable evidence including 10 local reports, with our local partners, and an overall report.”
Some of the key responses to the consultation included:
  • Some felt that stop and search powers should be repealed
  • Most felt that they needed to be reformed. This is largely due to concerns about: a) the nature and quality of Stop and Search encounters; b) damage to community relations; and c) police non-compliance with the law, rules and guidelines. There was concern that police action should be both fair and rational and must be perceived to be so by individuals and wider society.
In response to the consultation CORE members, campaign group StopWatch and local partners agreed that “Stop and Search should come under close examination due to its lack of focus and its poor outcomes in terms of arrest rates, crime reduction and adverse community relations”.
All partners intend to help develop, implement and monitor action plans recommended by StopWatch.
To download the full report click here
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Further information on StopWatch can be found via their website www.stop-watch.org