Voice4Change statement on Brexit

It is a relief, in one sense, to be able to put this EU Referendum behind us. The coverage was so all-consuming and relentless that it was almost impossible to focus on anything else. However, the aftermath of this referendum has left the country in an uncertain place.

While Voice4Change do not have an official position on Brexit, we whole-heartedly condemn the way that immigration was exploited, especially by the Leave Campaign. Images like the one on Nigel Farage’s infamous “Breaking Point” poster was a sign of just how bleak the discourse has become in this country about immigration, with anti-immigrant sentiment leading to an upturn in xenophobic attacks around the country. The EU debate isn't the reason for these attacks, but it has been a catalyst which has brought many of society's problems to the surface. Coupling this with misguided campaigns to overturn a democratic vote, it has been a very bad time for tolerance in British society.

For civil society and charities, we must continue our work as usual. The uncertainty of our current circumstances are clearly not ideal - and we must be flexible to the prospect of a rapidly changing political climate over the next few months, which will naturally affect the charity sector. Our key goals as a sector remain the same though. BME people will continue to be socio-economically disadvantaged. And inequality and public sector cuts will remain the key challenges we face. That was our focus before the EU Referendum, and whoever is running the country in 2017, it should continue to be our focus going forward.

Kunle Olulode