Voluntary sector must use e-newsletters To their advantage!

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Voluntary sector must use e-newsletters To their advantage!

E-newsletters, are now being utilised far greatly as people realise the benefits it has in keeping audiences engaged and informed, riding alongside social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

More than likely organisations and charities will use newsletters to keep members informed with your organisation's current developments, the launch of a new service, event or latest news. If you already have an e-newsletter then you're heading in the right direction.

So here are my quick tips for any VCS deciding to create a e-newsletter:

1.First thing – You need to know what you want to say to your audience. Whether it is to provide information on a new community service, inform members of general news or an event. These would be the initial steps to decide what will go in to your newsletter. Make it relevant to your audience.

2.Keep it simple don’t over clog your newsletter with all kinds of information save that for the website. The newsletter should be used for current news, launches or the latest information.

3.Keep headlines short, to the point and attention grabbing. This is what will keep your audience reading on.

4.Try to incorporate pictures. Many people who use websites only skim through online articles but having visual aids will grab their attention a little longer.

5.Your news items and articles should be easy to read, keep text short and not overly long and not ambiguous. You can lead the rest of the text to the main website if they intend to read on.

6.Ensure you embed your Twitter and Facebook links.

7.Branding – the title banner should reflect your company website and logo so keep the same style and corporate colours for consistency.

Hope this helps!