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2016-05-19 13:34

Turnout for elections has been too low for too long. For an issue as important as the EU Referendum, every vote needs to count. But among young people and BME voters especially, this hasn't been the case in recent times.

Our mission is clear. In order for people to be able to cast their vote, they need to be registered by the 7th of June.

Doing so couldn't be simpler! Just go to and you will be registered in five minutes

2016-05-07 22:08

The Voice4Change AGM returns on the 19th of May 2016, and there is a lot to discuss.


With results from local elections around the country pouring in, and the EU referendum drawing ever closer, there has never been a better time to discuss what this all means for BAME communities.

2016-05-07 19:26

Following a flurry of elections on what was dubbed “Super Thursday” the British political landscape has plenty of new faces in it. Two of the newly elected mayors are from BME backgrounds, and this is a great sign for everyone who is fighting for more diversity in politics.

2016-05-07 18:08
The Anti-Advocacy Clause to be inserted into charity contracts has been widely criticized since it was first revealed as Government policy. Voice4Change has joined the criticism of this controversial, charity-gagging policy, and written this letter to Matt Hancock, urging him to reconsider the policy. 
2016-04-28 16:14

It’s a Tuesday night in Bristol at the City Academy‘s Fielden Theatre. Eleven of the thirteen candidates standing for Mayor of the city are gathered behind an extended top table in front of a packed live audience. This hustings has been called by the voluntary sector led by Black South West Network and grass roots campaigners ‘Up Our Streets’.

2016-04-18 21:18

This is part of V4CE's ongoing interview series with candidates from a range of political parties. We do not endorse any political party, or necessarily the views of Peter Whittle


The UKIP candidate for London Mayor has argued that having more Grammar Schools would increase social mobility for BAME people.

2016-04-14 16:37

This is part of V4CE's ongoing interview series with candidates from a range of political parties. We do not endorse any political party, or necessarily the views of Sian Berry


The London mayoral candidate for the Green Party has told Voice4Change that she would introduce anonymized job applications for all recruitment to City Hall, including the police and fire service.

2016-03-30 13:07

Black South West Network and Up Our Street have organized a Mayoral Question Time in Bristol, focussing on Race Equality in the city. It aims to allow residents to engage with the candidates about the growing inequality between BAME groups (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and the White British population of Bristol.

2016-03-16 17:40

The first high profile debate of the EU referendum campaign kicked off in style last night, as senior inners and outers fought it out in front of 2000 people at the London Palladium.


2016-02-22 21:00

Many of you will be aware of the government’s plans to insert an anti-advocacy clause into all new and renewed grant agreements from May this year. This means that charities who receive Government grants will be banned from using those funds to lobby for changes in Government policy. Many charities have voiced concerns about this. The heads of 130 charities wrote a letter to the Prime Minister earlier this month urging him to reconsider the policy.