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2014-06-06 12:45

Tributes were paid to a legendary writer yesterday – known as the ‘Godfather of multiculturalism’ – at a debate to honour the late Professor Stuart Hall.


2014-05-30 13:47

The British Social Attitudes survey released this week – which showed 30% of Brits admit to being racially prejudiced – may have taken Britain further away from finding solutions to racism.


2014-05-28 17:03

Dr Maya Angelou was many things - author, playright, film director, composer, singer, dancer and civil rights activist. But she will perhaps be most fondly remembered for her soaring and touching poetry.


2014-05-21 10:37

Professor Stuart Hall, who inspired a generation of Britain’s black intellectuals, has been snubbed by Oxford University says the Equality and Diversity Advisor at the prestigious university.


2014-05-12 11:12

Registration is now open to book stalls for the Alternative Perspectives conference on 26th June.


2014-05-02 17:13

Book now for your free place on Voice4Change's Alternative Perspectives conference (including Caribbean meal) at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre on 26th June.

2014-04-15 10:30

By Eva Nyandoro, Voice4Change England

Every month we feature one of our members and ask them what their organisation is about and what they’ve been up to. This month we caught up with Lisa Mok, Assistant Director of Wai Yin Society.

Wai Yin Society was founded in 1988 by a group of Chinese women in Greater Manchester who wanted to support women who suffered domestic violence and breakdowns in family life. Over the years the society’s programmes have expanded to meet the demands of Black and minority ethnic (BME) community groups in Manchester.  This year, Wai Yin Chinese Women’s Society changed its name to the Wai Yin Society

2014-04-10 11:19

Voice 4 Change England are to host screening of a film about the life and works of Professor Stuart Hall followed by a discussion with special guests.

2014-04-07 16:13

Voice4Change England (V4CE) ran a policy and parliamentary training session in partnership with the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) and the Parliamentary Outreach Service team on Wednesday 26 March in Sheffield.

2014-03-28 13:03
Voice 4 Change England has welcomed the announcement by Chancellor George Osborne to boost the take-up of Gift Aid for smaller charities.
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